Pod 10’s Interactive Learning Resource


Course Information:

The assessment plan is well constructed, I like the two categories of assessments (formative and summative). It is helpful in understanding how students will be assessed.  Though looking at the criteria for the assignment, I noticed that there wasn’t a clear overview of the resource in this section, a description on the learning design you chose, overview for inclusion of diverse learners, nor the learning context. Hopefully these will be added soon after!

Syllabus: (spelt with two L’s not sylabus)

Learning outcomes are thorough. The syllabus is concise, & easy to understand with the description and resources used for each section and its activity. There are 6 sections but from the criteria, it does say 2-4 learning outcomes for the project.


Each topic had a corresponding interactive learning activity. There could be a clear rationale for the technology choices.


Clear overview of the assessment plan for the students.


Overall a good draft. I enjoyed the presentation of the website!