This is a video teaching basic English grammar since my group is focusing on teaching beginner English to a group of K-12 students. In this video, the instructor goes over the different parts of speech, the use of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. He also teaches the viewers which order to place adjectives in one sentence if there are multiple. This instructors content does not necessarily incorporate inherent interaction, as for the whole lecture there is not much interaction with the learners. For learners to respond to the video, they are able to take notes. After watching the video, the best activity for the student to fully grasp the material is to create their own examples using everyday situations from what they already know, chat with peers, and test each other. This will develop their cognitive learning and understanding of the material. Students may chat with peers via Zoom call and test themselves through provided online quizzes that the teacher may provide. Feedback can be given through an online discussion forum with the teacher and their peers, or online quizzes marked by the computer with instantaneous feedback, with additional quality feedback provided by the instructor. An online discussion would be beneficial as learners will receive a variety of responses. This video could have been designed to generate better activity for the students by including inherent interaction activities throughout the video, such as fill in the blank examples or questions at the end of the video in order for the student to reflect and test themselves on the information that was taught (adaptive learning). This blog post is also similarly discussed in Olivia’s blog post, as we are in the same group for the interactive learning resource assignment.

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Trinh Nguyen